“Bloom” Desert Flower Painting - Art Cards. Art Flat Cards. Art Post Cards.

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“Bloom” Desert Flower Painting - Art Cards


My bitter weed.

Today love fills my soul. 

No longer will I be held down. 

I bloom!

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

~ Paul Boose 


*These high quality cards include a protective sleeve per 10 cards.

*Includes a white envelope for each card.

*Works well with regular ballpoint pens after short drying time.

*FlatCard-4in x 6in-Matte-DoubleSided-10Pack.

“Bloom” ~ Oil Painting - Printed Art Cards

Perhaps one of the most overlooked key ingredients for achieving one’s goals or to an amazing self-transformation is the Power of Forgiveness. And this begins with forgiving ourselves. 

I learned this “superpower” a few years back at a webinar presented by Bob Proctor. Bob talked about how our paradigms (i.e., the programming in our minds – our beliefs and the stories on how we feel about ourselves) can have exclusive control over the outcome of our lives. Because of this, if you want to change your life you need to change your story and how you see yourself.

One of the exercises that Bob had everyone at this webinar do was to spend some time forgiving ourselves for our shortcomings and past mistakes in order to move forward into our higher selves. The idea here is that you need to let go of your past so you can see your amazing future. 

After you forgive yourself, you also need to forgive those who you felt hurt by in the past. One thing to remember is that forgiving does not excuse what the other person did. Forgiving is about not letting “that story” destroy your heart and your life. You don’t need to tell that person that you forgive them. This is not about them. This is about you letting go of the anger, hurt or resentment which is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself. 

Carrying anger inside takes up a lot of unnecessary energy. Negative emotions are heavy weights. Holding on to these negative emotions is like carrying a heavy backpack with huge stones inside, each stone (story) weighing you down and keeping you from becoming your best. 

One thing that helped me through this process was understanding that everyone has their own “paradigms” (their past stories and experiences). Their negative stories caused their shortfalls, past mistakes, prejudices, self-doubts and self-judgments. And when someone does not feel good about themselves, they often will lash out their anger at the ones they are closest to as well as anyone else who is around. But when you change your story, you release the anger and let the love in in its place. Wow!

“Change your story, change your life!”

~ Tony Robbins

The stories that we tell ourselves are like loops in time or cycles that will keep on repeating. Unless you become aware that you can change these stories, your story never changes. Your life and your results stay the same, like a broken record player. If you want to hear another song, you need to change the record that is playing. Play a new song!

When you can forgive yourself and everyone else you release the anger, and that leaves room for the greatest energy in the Universe…Love! 

Love is a power that can conquer any and all obstacles. Forgive yourself and others so you can be the amazing you. 

Let the love shine bright so your life can “Bloom!” 

Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades