"The Big Dream" Art Greeting Card. Painting of Surfer at the Shore. Flat Cards.

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"The Big Dream" Oil pastel painting - print.

The sun is setting as you stand at the shore gazing into the infinite source. You can see your vision clearly. You know that you are the director of your own story and you are ready to ride your wave.

You remember all the hard work it has taken you to arrive at this shore. It certainly wasn’t easy! You started with a big idea and no money. But you had your imagination and the faith to carry your vision and dream into a reality. 

No one has exclusivity to dream, to create, and to imagine the limitless possibilities in life. You have the power within to fulfill any dreams you hold in your mind. You only need to take action and have the courage to see it through.

Today is the beginning of your Big Dream. You feel rejuvenated and alive. It’s time to paddle out and ride your wave, to become the person you are meant to be. 

All of this is going through your mind as you stand at the shore, ready to paddle out and become the person you are meant to be. This wave is yours!

Live, to Love Life!

~ Poem to inspire


On golden sand

Looking out upon the vast

Ready to ride, ready to live

The dream

*These high quality cards include a protective sleeve per 10 cards.

*Includes a white envelope for each card.

*4 x 6 inch Art Card. Flat Cards.

*Works well with regular ballpoint pens after short drying time.

*Backside - blank.