"The Whisper" Art Greeting Card. Spiritual Desert Painting. Flat Cards.

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"The Whisper"


And you shall hear

My heart, my love, my breath

Quiet the mind, and simply know

I am 

"The Whisper" Oil pastel painting - print.

“The Whisper” is about quieting your mind, slowing down, thinking, and feeling “the presence” that is right there, in front of you…but…only…if you listen and look from within.

The answers that you seek exist inside of you. Everything is energy, and everything is connected in the Universe. Even your thoughts are made up of energy. Your inner voice is “your connection” to the Universal Spirit.

Within you, there’s the tree of life and it’s ready to bare its fruit to you. We need to quiet our “being.” Listen and we shall find. This special tree bears the fruit of limitless abundance for those who are ready to receive.

Close your eyes, quiet the mind, and listen. Take your heart to that special place. Do you see it, the tree of life?

It’s giving you abundance, love, and joy.

If you listen closely…You just might hear “The Whisper.”

*These high quality cards include a protective sleeve per 10 cards.

*Includes a white envelope for each card.

*Works well with regular ballpoint pens after short drying time.

*4 x 6 inch Art Card. Flat Cards.

*Backside - blank.