"Flow State" Surfer Ocean Painting. Printed Artwork. Framed Canvas Wraps.

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"Flow State"

My mind.

Relaxed. Immersed.

My soul ignited. Yet calm. 

Fluid energy. Time slipping.

Flow State.

The “Flow State” is the state of being so fully immersed in an activity that time seems to fly by. It’s the fluidity between your body, mind and soul, a state of effortless motion and being in a sort of meditation state of mind. It is not forced. The “Flow State,” might be described as “being in the zone.” Your mind is calm, relaxed and joyful, and you are “in the moment.” This “Flow State” gives you energy and makes you feel alive like nothing else. 

Think back to when you were a kid playing with your friends. Maybe it was a soccer game or a game of hide and seek. You felt alive! You laughed and played as time flew by. You were in a “Flow State.” 

I hope this painting will inspire you to wake up each day and spend a little time doing something that you love to do. What excites your soul? What activities ignite your passion? What is something that causes you to lose the track of time and brings you joy? 

Become fluid like the ocean wave and harness the energy that exists inside you. Do “that thing” that gives you Zeal each day and brings you into a “Flow State.”

Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades

*Framed Canvas. Walnut. 24 inches x 36 inches.

*Treat yourself to top quality canvas digitally printed and framed on hardwood frame.

*Ready to hang canvas is a 100% polyester base and the print media is acid free with a medium texture and scratch-resistant finish.

*Solid wood frame, fully finished backing, with corner bumpers for level hanging and to protect your wall.

*Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.