"Golden Reflections" Art Greeting Cards. Painting of Sunset & Ocean. Flat Cards.

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Golden Reflections


I dream and then

I awake. For when I

Dream, I shall find, the road, the path

The Source


I often love to imagine a story in my mind as I create the image. Here’s a “peek” of what I was imagining as I created…“Golden Reflections.”

You find yourself in a dream. You are walking along the beach with the "Universal Spirit." There is the most amazing sunset you have ever seen.

The rays seem to penetrate your very soul. It's as if Father is sending you pure love energy and you feel nothing but love and joy. The Earth you walk upon gives you this sense of strength, as if Mother is giving you her love, her blessings, and everything you could ever possibly need in life.

As you walk along the shore, next to you, the Son, he offers you compassion, love, and guidance in your life. You only need only to listen to his advice to receive the true joys of what life has to offer.

As you are walking "I AM" asks... "Have you discovered your life's true purpose?"

You sit down on a rock next to "I AM" to reflect upon this question. As you think about these “Golden Reflections” you can feel the sun rays continuing to fill your soul with love and clarity about why you are here.

As you sit on the rocks, (Mother Earth) makes you feel rejuvenated and whole again. You continue to feel Father's eternal love and warmth as the “Son” gives you his love, and reminds you to follow your North Star.

You realize that God's love is from within and now you know see what your true life's purpose is.

You slowly take a deep breath…

Suddenly you awake and realize that today is a new day! You have a new opportunity to discover, to live, and to find your true path in life.

Remember, you have an inner spirit inside you that is always with you.

You can do this!

*These high quality cards include a protective sleeve per 10 cards.

*Include a white envelope for each card.

*4 x 6 inch Art Cards. Flat Cards.

*Works well with regular ballpoint pens after short drying time.

*Backside - blank.