"I AM" Desert Painting. Spiritual Painting. Framed Prints

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“I AM”


I AM awake.

Creation. Birth. Alive.

Imagination within. Awareness.


“I AM” Oil Painting – 12x16inch - Print

What happened when Moses saw the Universal Spirit and became aware of his own “I AM-ness”?

My “I AM” painting is my interpretation of this miraculous moment and awareness of our very own “I AM-ness” which is available to all of us.

The birth of your self-awareness is something that takes place inside your own beautiful imagination. You witness the birth of your creation, the “idea” of you!

This is the very moment when your conscious and sub-conscious mind are joining together with the Universal Spirit from within.

You understand that you are one with the Creator. You are both part of the greater whole and unique. You are one of God’s highest forms of creation.

You realize…“I AM.”

*Scratch-resistant acrylic insert.

*Comes ready to hang.

*Wipe clean with a damp cloth.