"Perseverance" Art Greeting Card. Flat Cards. Ink Drawing - Bighorn Sheep.

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"Perseverance" Ink drawing - print.

Standing in a desert of California, you gaze upon this amazing and majestic Bighorn Sheep that seemed to have this inner strength and perseverance in life.

He is staring at you. He is saying... "You are not going to quit your dream!" "You are not going to give up!"

Even though life may give you some obstacles and perhaps a few surprises, you learn to adapt, grow, and become the best version of yourself. 

You persevere!

*4 x 6 inch Art Card. Flat Cards. Greeting Cards.

*These high quality cards include a protective sleeve per 10 cards.

*Includes a white envelope for each card.

*Works well with regular ballpoint pens after short drying time.

*Backside - blank.